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Review: The Bug Butcher

by onFebruary 7, 2016

The Bug Butcher - The VGProfessional Review (15)When I first heard of The Bug Butcher, I quickly jumped to an “Oh not another space invader”. I have a long history with playing early access games, and very few of them kept me hooked. Less and less when it came to arcade games. Losing interest was something that was common across many forgettable titles. Fortunately, all those feelings were quickly adjusted right from the title screen.

You know that feeling when you go to bed, close your eyes and start dreaming of games you played or what you could have done differently? Yes, well The Bug butcher did that and only after one day of playing.

From the story line, to the sound track this game did everything but disappoint. You start off as a bug in a space suit AKA the exterminator called Harry and you are summoned in by scientists to help them rid of the pest infestation within their research facilities. And a pest infestation it is. From green to pink bugs, weird bugs, bugs giving birth to bugs, it was bugs everywhere. I can only assume that at one point there was a power struggle where the scientist lost. In my opinion, the true pests in this game where the scientist. They should have just left but then again we wouldn’t have had a game.

All jokes aside, the entire game runs under the same basic mechanics. 30 levels of intense bug squishing and fast paced dodging. Every stage has new obstacles, traps, enemies where the goal is always the same “exterminate or get exterminated”. All 30 levels are designed in this warped cartoon look giving you that itch for more levels. The scoring system is extremely satisfying leaving you with an easy yet challenging room to customize and upgrade your character. I actually found myself repeating several levels just to get my hands on a new boost.

Graphically this game shines and it is all thanks to the enemy’s designs that knocks it out of the park. Every pest has a different look and movement pattern making positioning your key weapon specially that our hero did not seem to learn how to shoot horizontally. These designs and gameplay merge extremely well together. The bugs bounce around, hover from side to side, stick to the ceiling, some crawl on the ground waiting for the right moment to eat you however they will all split into smaller bugs when they take enough damage.

The Bug Butcher - The VGProfessional Review (11)

The in game perks are also well thought of. Items will drop every now and then which will add boosts to your character. Again graphically these boosts are extremely well designed. From laser beams to lighting guns, rocket launchers to machine guns, The Bug Butcher can easily take down the terminator.

This game is equally a survival and a scoring game. Collecting coins left behind by vanquished foes will help you get passive perks and upgrades to your Bug Butcher. And trust me you will need those for your upgrades if you want to reach to level 30.

The other side of this game is the Panic Mode. This gives the game a complete new multiplayer aspect. The objective here is to survive as long as possible before the timer runs out. I must admit that the timer never ran out for me as I was constantly overwhelmed with these nasty pests.

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The sound in this game is genius, perfectly mastered and gives you that ecstasy feeling you had when you were 18. Honestly I want the sound track. A nice techno vibe music that changes based on the situation your faced against. The voice acting similarly goes very well with the game, with a Sim-style helium voice given to the characters.

This game is an action heavy game that becomes chaotic at most points yet manageable. You will always feel overwhelmed but with a little hope you will quickly realize that this hard work was fruitful.

The Bug Butcher was reviewed using a Steam redeemable copy of the game provided by Awfully Nice Studios. The PC version was tested with a Steam redeemable code on a PC running a Windows 10 Home, Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor set at 2.60 GHz, 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M and 16GB of DDR3 Ram. We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published.

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What we liked

• Quirky Graphics
• Responsive control for such a heavy action game
• The soundtrack added all the right fluff to the game
• Difficulty was perfect. Most of the times you feel defeated to only bounce back and win
• Enemy design was brilliant with the right amount of variety
• Neatly priced so this is one game we 100% urge you to invest in

What is not fun

• Lack of content. You will finish all 30 levels and replay most of them.
• Missing that Pac-Man repetitive get-a-higher-score system.
• Lack of other heroes. Would be good to get a female version or customized clothing.

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Replay Value

Final Score

Our final verdict

A truly addictive game for all the right reasons. Unfortunately, it does lack content which can prevent it from being a classic. Overall, it is truly an arcade game worthy of being the best space invader genre of this era of gaming. It is the game for old school gamers.

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