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Review: Layers of Fear: Inheritance

by onAugust 15, 2016

Following the success of Layers of Fear, independent studio Polish Bloober decided to extend their horror “walking Simulator” by offering us a brand new DLC by the name of: Inheritance. Probably one of the best survival horror of the year (also due to lack of other new games in the genre) Layers of Fear‘s main story takes us the through the mad mind of a painter, seeking to complete his masterpiece. While many players have tried to unravel the many mysteries behind the painter’s true motive, the Bloober Team has decided to lift the veil on some Inheritance.

In Layers of Fear: Inheritance, you play as the daughter of the painter, who decides to return to her childhood house in order to face her past. Having played the main story which I liked – but didn’t really enjoy gameplay-wise – player re-discover the house that got us so scared before. The daughter will explore the different rooms of the manor (destroyed by the folly of her father) and will start having flashbacks of her past, deranged as her father, which brings the theme of Inheritance in a smart way: the daughter didn’t just inherit her father’s manor, but his mental problems as well, unless the house is the reason. In any case, the game will offer like the original three different endings for you to discover.

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Layers of Fear: Inheritance obviously is built like its predecessor: a murky adventure (more like a walking-simulator), with a spooky soundtrack and a mature storyline that still requires the reflection of players. Graphically, the game is still as beautiful and well detailed, with almost a sense of optimizing the engine that powers shadows and lights and a very important addition to the core narrative.

Usually, whenever I personally play a new DLC, the fear of lack of originality is always present. However, the Bloober Team were able to shape things up and give us some interesting topics. To start with, our new protagonist’s memories are based on more or less agreeable ones from her childhood. Like in the first adventure, our hero(ine) wanders the gloomy corridors and rooms of the manor in search of fragments of memory, with an always present feeling of being watched or stalked by something.

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What is interesting here is the actual storyline of the heroine, which is almost more interesting than her father’s. The latter will give us explanations and interesting interpretations about her father’s madness and what happened in the house. Like in the main game, the player must solve puzzles and poke around to find the missing pieces of this macabre puzzle. The script and the narration is, like its predecessor in pieces and will call upon your own interpretation.

The best thing is that you’ll explore the house with our heroine in both her adult life and also as a child, which will change the point of view of the camera, which reminded me of another horror story called Among The Sleep. The developers had the bright idea to adapt the riddles and mysteries seen as a point of view of a child, which works a lot on the emotions and fears of an infant.

However the outcome will be the same as the original Layers of Fear: the absence of a real challenge makes the game easy and a considerably shortened lifespan. If the first story needed around three hours of play to complete, Layers of Fear: Inheritance require les than two, but you will be given the opportunity to finish this DLC in two different ways, and for a mere $5, it’s not really excessive.

Layers of Fear was reviewed using an Xbox One downloadable code provided by the Bloober Team. The original review of the game, written by Mazen Abdallah, can be read on our website. This game expansion is also available on PC and the PlayStation 4 . We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published

What we liked

• Immersive audio as always
• Enhanced shadow and lighting engine
• Narration and script still on point
• Some great new puzzles

What is not fun

• Really short lifespan
• Discovering the story through exploration
• A personal story with a nice ending

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Replay Value

Final Score

Our final verdict

Layers of Fear: Inheritance is undoubtedly the DLC necessary to better understand the main story. This extra content "inherit" what made a success in the franchise: a murky atmosphere, a good script and an eerie soundtrack. Team Bloober succeeded to offer us a helpful and interesting DLC, but like the original, its lack of a real challenge will make your experience end quite fast.

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