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Review: Inversus

by onSeptember 3, 2016

If you’re looking for an action strategy type arcade shooter in the vein of geometry wars minus the colors, Inversus is your one stop shop for that. The highly addictive, controller compatible, indie game hasn’t been released for too long and already has an active community dominating leaderboards. With what seems to be a dedicated team based off the current patch entry log, you can’t go wrong with this for some mindless fun.

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Inversus operates on a very minimal color scheme with a very simple objective; annihilate your enemies. You do this by simply shooting them with your square ship thingie and that’s it. However, it gets a bit more complicated when you break it down. The regular arcade mode consists one player or two player options in which you spawn in a map surrounded by black tiles, to move forward, you need to destroy those titles. You do this by shooting then but a specific enemy type spawns and automatically starts to flank you recreating the black tiles within their vicinity as they move towards you. By shooting then you create a line of white tiles that keep you mobile and any enemies within the same field radius (marked by a red glow) are destroyed in a chain. These chains allow you to build up a multiplier, helping speed up your score increase. You’ll want to focus on that if you want a chance in hell to end up in the top 100. Plus this actually helps you unlock levels faster, new maps are only made available after you’ve reached certain scores.

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The maps also spawn different enemy types the longer you survive or the quicker you manage to clear up the waves. Certain enemies will also shoot at you. You have limited ammo, which can be recharged by not shooting for a time interval or picking up dots left by enemies. You can charge your shots which takes up more ammo but allows you to fire 3, horizontal, spaced shots at your enemies. When you respawn, you also destroy any surrounding enemies. The shooting system works in a sense where you can only fire in straight lines, with different keys (buttons) assigned to the different directions, making it harder to destroy enemies that are not connected within the same field. You essentially have to be at the same grid line.

It doesn’t end there. Inversus gives you various play options, such as the ability to play online versus friends or other random players. The ability to connect more controllers and play locally. It’s 2v2 locally and up to 4v4 online. In versus mode, your objective is to destroy the opposite player or opposite team. When they shoot, not only do you risk being fragged but they are able to create tiles of the opposing color, hindering your movement. This creates a playful dynamic almost akin to the original Tank games on the earlier consoles only with faster and smarter opponents. During versus mode, not only do your opponents fire at you but random enemies also spawn that attack both sides, making strategizing a win even more complicated.

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The music is exactly what you’d expect from a game like this and it fits well. You also have a GLaDOS type voice narrating events such as kill chains and your in-game death. Shooting sound effects are limited but fit perfectly within the game type. Don’t expect anything over the top but it’s enough to keep you entranced within the game. If you ever were the type to have a problem with repetitive music however, this will be one more game on your list of titles that leave you wanting to get the beat out of your head, especially after long hours of play.

I have encountered no glitching or issues within the game. Also, as previously mentioned, the team seems to be hard at work adding features and fixing up anything before you’ve even picked up on it. The only current problem is finding people random online players. Match-making takes forever. One thing I would possibly add for a more fun experience would be power ups, just to ensure that after a few hours, the gameplay hasn’t gotten too similar.

Inversus was reviewed using a PC downloadable code provided by Hypersect. The PC version was tested on a PC running Windows 10, with a 4GB NVIDIA Geforce GT 750M fitted on a 4th Generation Intel i7 4700HQ 3.4Ghz CPU and topped with 16GB of RAM. The game is also available on PlayStation 4 via digital releases. We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published

What we liked

• The game mechanics
• The availability of various multiplayer options
• The control scheme

What is not fun

• Matchmaking takes too long
• The lack of upgrades/power ups

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Our final verdict

Inversus is the type of game you'll enjoy booting up with a night of friends in for some competitive team fun or just kick back and boot up after a hard day at work to blow off some steam. It’s fun, it's sleek, and it's worth your cash.

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