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Review: Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

by onOctober 11, 2017

Back in 2012, Capcom surprised us with their a new RPG IP, called Dragon’s Dogma. The game had some really fun battles, a pretty decent story but it was flawed by a buggy technical engine and rather crude textures. A year later the Japanese publisher followed with Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, a new edition that included all previous downloadable contents, a PC port, and now five years later, the game is re-released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Did these five years helped fixing the flaws of the game?

King of recycling content and creating more and more ports, Capcom intends to continue this long tradition by taking advantage of the fifth anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma. Do not be fooled though, This Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen on PlayStation 4 (or Xbox One) is the perfect representative of a guilty pleasure, a game still with faults, yet can be appreciated for its overall package. The thing is, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen was neither a great RPG nor a good open world, but the combat system showed promise, and some boss fights were epic. By being fully aware of this reality, it is quite possible and enjoyable to play this game for a while, despite an interface still unintuitive and a shamefully dumb AI.

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While we hoped with the new generation that Dragon’s Dogma would be enhanced for 4K support (like it did with the PC port), there’s not much of a difference from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Rocks, vegetation, armor details, water, a simple zoom is enough to realize that despite its bigger file size, this port does not pretend to deliver a graphical upgrade of the original title. On the other hand, the framerate is still locked at 30FPS (which is shameful considering the combat speed), but there’s a cleaner anti-aliasing, as well as better shadow quality and even adjustment of the field of vision.

As you guessed it, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen on PlayStation 4 is pretty much the same game as it was five years ago. Like most ports or remastered games, you should not expect new features, which makes it easier for everyone: anyone who has already played it will save the money, which newcomers might try this rather decent RPG for only $25.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen was reviewed using a PlayStation 4 downloadable code of the game provided by Capcom. The game is also available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in online and retail store releases. We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published.

What we liked

• A slightly more fluid Dragon's Dogma
• Solid content including the base game plus the Dark Arisen expansion pack
• Some truly epic fights.
T• he soundtrack is great

What is not fun

• Outdated graphics and textures
• That interface is just plain bad in term of visibility
• Really dumb AI
• Not even an upgraded 60FPS or HDR upgrade?

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Our final verdict

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is pretty much the same game as it was five years ago. While it improves on the fluidity when it comes to compare with the original versions, it keeps all of its defects and flaws, without even trying to upgrade the texture or framerate. Grab it if you never played it, but for veterans, that's a pretty pointless pick.

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