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Review: Dragon’s Crown Pro

by on May 13, 2018

When I first heard about Dragon’s Crown Pro, I was a little skeptical about what would this remastered version give us on the PS4. After doing some research, I understood that most of these changes will be made on a technical point and that worried me due to the high level of hand-drawn artistic depth that Vanillaware had previously done.

The most noticeable change in Dragon’s Crown Pro must be within the audiovisual updates that where added. This improved the artistic design of the game. It does not only take you away from the PS3 quality that we got used to but also sends you into the best this generation has to offer. Yes! that is correct, I am referring to a hand-drawn 4K experience if you have a PlayStation 4 Pro. However, it is as enjoyable on the normal PS4 at 1080p. To add to this work of art, they went ahead and re-recorded the soundtrack using a full orchestra bringing out emotions from the most rigid player out there.

Despite the game being the same from the 2013 release, the above-mentioned changes where enough to keep it fresh and give you that first play experience. I mean after all; these types of games do not grow old. Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and the Tower of Doom, this unique RPG was always able to give me unique experiences with every character I chose to play with. It is easily finished in less than 5 hours once you pick your favorite character and run through the game however the fun only begins when you invest a decent time to learn and empower all the characters during secondary missions and difficult challenges.

Playing with every character is crucial if you want to experience this artistic world to its full potential. They each have their own personalities and like any Dragon Quest, each race has their perks. The elves are ranged style hunters with a lot of agility. The Amazon, a 2 handed wielded killing machine who knows no fear with her unparalleled strength. The sorceress who masters the dark arts. The Dwarf, an all-out attack merciless warrior. The fighter, the impenetrable wall and finally the Wizard, the hardest class to master yet the most vital to any team.

The variety of characters also keeps the multiplayer experience fresh and interesting. The artificial intelligence has also been boosted in this remastered version. In the past, ignoring a fallen ally would have been fine however with the new AI system, you are constantly reminded to resurrect your friend otherwise consequences will be pricey.

I must take a step back and talk again about this piece of art. Hand drawn to perfection, each scene looked like a moving picture. The animations, the scenarios, all at 4k was truly one of the most rewarding things I have ever seen this year. In addition, I need to remind everyone that this is not a 3D game which makes you appreciate the effort Vanillaware have put into this. Redrawing everything by hand for a better resolution must have been an achievement.

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The only disappointment I can put on this title is the regional locks that were implemented. For instance, the DLC is only playable exclusively in Japan. The reason behind this disappointment is due to what the DLC offers you. A remastered Dungeons & Dragons inspiration that changes the entire system is something that I would have loved to be able to play.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an artistic masterpiece. With its latest uplift, we now have a good excuse to play it all again with a better experience. The price, however, is not justifiable for what you get and might turn down many gamers out there. The fact that there is no major difference in the mechanics, one would argue if the increased resolution and remastered soundtrack is enough to invest in this game. One thing is for sure though, this will give you a unique and fun experience

Dragon’s Crown Pro was reviewed using a Nintendo Switch digital download code of the game provided by Atlus. The original game is also available on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 via digital release. We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published (click here for more information about our review policy).

What we liked

• Remastered sound track
• 4k Hand Drawn experience
• Character variety and experience

What is not fun

• No major in-game changes or additions to the original

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Our final verdict

Dragon's Crown Pro is a great opportunity for those that missed the original game on PlayStation 3 but is not enough to justify a purchase for returning players.

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