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Review: Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition

by on November 3, 2015

When Divinity: Original Sin came out, Larian Studios was praised for their rich experience, with mechanisms that come straight from the old school RPGs of yesteryear. Launched originally in 2014 for PC and Mac, the Belgian developer decided to launch now Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition, by keeping their promise of bringing the title to consoles, in an “improved” way rather than a simple update of the PC vesion. Mystical spells, demons and Orcs are now waiting for you on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but will it appeal to console gamers with its hefty 100 hours of play and numerous mysteries?

Like any respectable RPG, the first thing to do is customize your hero which is a true delight to start the game. You can roam around wild Rivellon alone paired with an AI companion ​​or in split screen co-op, which then push you to create two characters, with a wide range of options such as skills and attributes based on eleven archetypes. Gender, abilities, talents, and the usual list of ingredients give full meaning to the creation experience. Note that even if you choose a particular class, nothing will prevent you eventually to develop capabilities assigned to other ones.

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Character

Once you finished building your character, our heroes will begin their journey, fighting against the forces of evil which will start in the city of Cyséal, following a strange murder. You could easily go alone and live this adventure, but it will be wise to team up with partner wisely in coop mode. Moreover, in the many phases that has set dialogues, you will be faced with difficult choices, which will affectboth characters’ path and their moral.

Your character traits evolve as you progress and in very different ways for players if you choose. Be bold or shy, compassionate towards people or not, materialistic, spiritual, lie or tell the truth… In short, the possibilities seem endless but beware, people in the game will be affected positively or negatively by your traits, but it’s mainly up to you. You should also know that you can recruit other warriors to fight by your side, which can be select the desired via a handy circular menu, which is one of the many things redesigned in the interface which is almost a new version. Now, you can quickly access your inventory, personal details, quest journal all via your radial menu by simply pressing the rear trigger on your controller.

If the adventure leads you to Cyséal, you’ll soon discover from the first minutes of the game that Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition offers total freedom. As I mentioned above, you can talk to everyone, even to a point of learning animal languages to grab intel from a rat or a cow thanks to a talent called “Pet Pall”… Talk, visit, sell, barter, buy and lead your investigation as you see it fit. And there is so much to do that you will spend a good portion of your time just doing this!

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition - VGProfessional Review (11)

Dialogues and conversation are so important that they can be replayed via your inventory, which will help you greatly in finishing your quests. Your characters will come and go, inquire, make crafts, combat course, accept or reject contracts, in short, the content of the adventure is incredibly rich.

In terms of the gameplay mechanics, PC players will wonder if the game offers a comfort similar to mouse and keyboard setup. By base, the switch to a controller is exemplary fluid, easy to learn and really fun, which reminds me of what Blizzard did for the console version of Diablo III. The settings are clean, filled with neat details, with rich explosion of color that jumps out at you! In terms of control, as I pointed out earlier, it is very easy to master, you can access your skill bar at the bottom of the screen, accessible by pressing a simple button. Ditto for the interactions with the different elements in the environment, like opening a chest, looting corpse or quietly steal a fish in the village markets… Because, for those who do not know Divinity yet, you can interact with virtually everything you see on screen. On the fighting front, the left analog stick will assigned to your many spells while the right will handle the camera management which you can rotate an entire 360 degree.

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition offers a sublime RPG experience for consoles. 

Some gameplay innovations have been added, and the most interesting one is the Dual Wielding mode that will allow your characters to hold two weapons, one in each hand which will give freshness to the clashes and switch to a more dynamic combats, not to mention the new animations added during spell casting, all offering a rather intoxicating light show. Note also the arrival of a new master skills system that will give even more flavor to the experience and balance out with the disappearance of a lot of capabilities. New weapons, including wands, spells, rare equipment and more qualitative objects are also part of the new “improved” version gear range. Finally, for those who never played the first game, you should know that the battle system is turn based and mastered to perfection in Divinity Sin, on par with good old Final Fantasy original system, which will require complex and intense training to master.

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It will be wise to move cautiously to take the monsters and enemies by surprise by placing yourself strategically around them… as close as possible actually. Note also that among the attacks that you can fire at your opponents, you can use the surrounding to your advantage, like casting an electric spell to a water area to inflict a good discharge, or another example would be to cast rain to calm the flames of a fire enemy. In short, the combat system offers a delicious and complete experience, set by base in a rock, paper, scissor concept of elemental attacks.

Also a great thing to point out is the arrival of two new game modes, tactical mode that brings an increased number of enemies and a harder difficulty of the game – hardcore – in which the death of your small group of friends resets completely your adventure. Be my guest to do try it out, I didn’t have the courage to do it, but overall Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition offers a sublime RPG experience for consoles.

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition was reviewed using an Xbox One copy of the game provided by the publisher’s PR agency Evolve PR. The game is also available on PlayStation and PC. We don’t discuss review scores with publishers or developers prior to the review being published

What we liked

• It's beautifully rendered
• A refined combat system
• Splitscreen coop
• A new talent system
• Full 360° camera
• Rich and fun dialogues
• A cleaner interface
• Even more quests

What is not fun

• Sometimes difficult to keep track
• Quest Log is still unclear
• Some rare technical bugs

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Replay Value

Final Score

Our final verdict

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition offers a sublime RPG experience for consoles. The universe is even more immersive thanks to the many improvements, a clearer interface and intelligent gameplay mechanics. The combat system is even more ingenious, more fluid and offers a magical experience for lovers of the genre. Whether you are fans of RPGs or novice you can not resist this magical adventure!

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