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Review: Turtle Beach Elite Pro Complete

by onMarch 15, 2017
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What we liked

• Comfort
• Audio quality
• Exceptional microphone
• Innovative functionalities

What is not fun

• The price
• Packaging is very disappointing
• Ethernet connection makes it incompatible with other devices

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With eSports industry on the rise, it is only normal to see more and more manufacturers turn their focus onto the tournament ready headsets. Turtle Beach is just another one of those manufacturers. With their new Turtle Beach Elite Pro, they are hoping to establish dominance. We have reviewed these headphones and here is our verdict.

Turtle Beach has always been a famous brand among gamers with a well-respected image but have never really been aggressive in the Pro Gaming scene. Recent years saw them excel on Xbox and PS3 but the question remains, will the Turtle Beach Elite Pro join the other Hall of Famers in the pro scene?

Turtle Beach in collaboration with OpTic Gaming, one of the most famous Call of Duty teams of all times, have teamed up to bring us the Turtle Beach Elite Pro headphones for Xbox, PS4, PC and Mac. From the get go this caught my attention because for the past 5 years, this team worked with Astro Gaming and to suddenly move meant that something exceptional was coming.

Upon opening the box, you are quickly welcomed to the Turtle Beach family with a long message from the CEO. In fact, that is the first thing you see just before they reveal the headphones. To sum things up, the message tells us that this is a perfected product from Turtle Beach and how it was designed for Pro Gamers in the eSports scene. The headphones themselves did not look very attractive in the box, I was worried that the plastic finishing made it look cheap or did not give it the justice it deserved. Deeper into the box, you will find the standard cables that allow you to connect to your console or PC. The cable itself is very normal and nothing special to mention. The microphone comes next and looks standard with a nice metallic finish. Finally, the guide book with the standard stickers.

We move on to the second box that contained the Tournament noise cancellation microphone. This is extremely interesting for those who play in Lan as it does a perfect job isolating all unnecessary noise but for everyone else, the standard mic is still better.

Next, we have the TAC, the main piece in my opinion. The audio controller unlike the headphones, look exceptionally good in the box and delivers this sense of Elite to the mix. This amp comes with five different levers, one for the main volume and four others which I will discuss in detail later. It also has your standard mute and preset buttons. The rest of the box contains all the necessary wires whether it is for broadcasting or the dual input for your microphone.

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Turtle Beach gave the consumers two different ways to buy the headphones. You can either buy it alone for around $199 and use it on your consoles or even PC using a 3.5mn jack or to buy the headset and audio controller together for around $400. The latter had to be put in place to respond to their competitors Astro Gaming’s famous Mixamp. I will cover the TAC later in the review.

When I first held them, I could not but notice the premium quality of the headphones. You can straight away see that Turtle beach went all out on the quality of the material they used. I think they took the best of all worlds and combined them to make the ultimate balance between design and comfort. Plastic casing, metal brackets and the thing that caught my attention is the foamy ear piece with a leather surrounding. The latter is a genius idea because it preserves the comfort on the ears while making sure outside noise is isolated by the leather specially during the prolonged gaming hours.

In addition, they implemented a different system that regulates the width of the headset on your head. That ConforTec fit system has a multi-faceted adjustment level and can help you manage the tension and ear cup positions to achieve the ultimate tuning based on your head.

Turtle Beach went all the way on this one, they even thought of the gamers that wear glasses and added a patented system called “ProSpec”. This allows gamers to create 3 small and adjustable channels in the ear cushion and making sure you play without the pressure of the headset squeezing your frames.

The microphone, is detachable and covered. It uses TruSpeak technology which is an omni-directional microphone. Comparing it with the Hyper X, Astro and Razor headset, this microphone was by far the best I have tested. Whether I was on a con call with the family, talking on Twitch or playing video games, the audio was always clear and well balanced. However, I would highly recommend going with the Tournament noise-canceling microphone if you are planning to play competitively as it does a great job isolating all extra unnecessary noises. This is an extra purchase for $20 and totally worth it if you are a professional gamer.

Turtle Beach finally created their own mixamp and if I am to describe it in one word it would be “BEAST”. It is the complete package, and gives you everything you ever wanted and more. A DTS headphone 7.1 surround sound that pinpoints the exact location of every sound. This comes with the DTA surround sound modes which lets you personalize your audio preferences with a variety of audio presets and sound models. They added a genre specific audio presets. A stream output for broadcasting purposes. A new function called Superhuman hearing that makes you hear everything around you from footsteps to distant weapon reloads. An external USB surround sound card, an addition for PC and Mac gamers. The one that came to me as a surprise is the addition of an Ethernet cable! Yes, an Ethernet cable, you read it right! This is for Lan purposes and ensures a lag-free chat during Lan events or tournaments. The downfall is that everyone in your team must have the TAC to avoid incompatibility. The box is also works with consoles and delivers the same results it did on PC. In certain instances, it worked even better.

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Once everything has been setup, this magic box lights up from every corner and can look very intimidating. At the bottom of the controller, the big volume controllers takes dominance. Press it and you mute the whole system. Right above that, we have our four levers with each different task. The first one allows you to balance between chat and game audio. The second one adjusts the microphone level. The third one dictates the noise cancellation level and finally the last one regulates your own voice playback through your headsets. I must admit it took me a good 10 minutes to work around those and get the perfect setup. You will need to fiddle around a bit before achieving the ultimate setup. Overall, I think Turtle Beach just declared war to all mixamps in the market with the TAC.

The overall experience I had with this headset was very satisfying. With the use of many preset options, I truly felt that this machine was made for me. There was a preset made specifically to enhance foot step noises. Another one was designed for FPS games, one for movies, the possibilities were infinite. Add the microphone tuning options to the mix and you are ready not only for gaming but for literally everything. When I tested it on Overwatch, it perfectly delivered the different sounds the enemies made and gave me a competitive advantage over their ultimate readiness. When I played Formula one, I couldn’t get over the vigor of those engines roaring in my ears and when I plugged in Horizon on the PS4, the surrounding and music was so clear that I was immersed in that world the entire game.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Complete was reviewed using a review unit provided by Turtle Beach alongside the Full line of Elite Pro products from Turtle Beach available and compatible with the headsets including the Elite Pro Tournament Audio Controller, Elite Pro Tournament Noise Cancelling Mic and Elite Pro A.M.P. for Playstation 4. The headset is available now in all major retailers and compatible with PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Our final verdict

This Turtle Beach Elite Pro delivers what every gamer has been wanting. Proper functions, revolutionary presets, optimal comfort and a world class audio quality. But it is still far from perfect. Unfortunately, the headphone could have looked better. The price itself for the full package is also expensive compared to the competitor. The Ethernet addition could be an issue since it is only compatible with the same brand and lastly the packaging is a little sloppy if you compare it with the Mixamp from Astro Gaming.

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