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Review: Injustice 2

by Nazih Fareson May 24, 2017
Back in 2013, American studio NetherRealm surprised the video game multiverse with Injustice: Gods Among Us (or as I reviewed it in the Middle East as Injustice: Mighty Among Us), combining explosive combat and an epic scenario with talent from the Justice League comic book universe. Now 4 years later, right after the success of their […]

Review: LEGO Worlds

by Nazih Fareson March 21, 2017
In the world of construction games, the LEGO brand is probably the most iconic one of them all. Over the years, it has steadily established its dominance by linking its brand with strong licenses capable of reaching all generations, from Star Wars to The Simpsons and even their own creation. Ever since the Minecraft phenomenon developed, […]

Review: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

by Nazih Fareson July 13, 2016
Another hit movie and another TT Games episode of their Lego license, themed after the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But beyond its film adaptation with a LEGO twist, it seems that the developers really want to offer something new, and I admit, as one of my favorite movie franchises, I have high hopes. After all, what […]


Review: Mortal Kombat XL

by Nazih Fareson March 24, 2016
Mortal Kombat X offered enough quality to its release in April 2015 to make their way to the gates of the biggest tournaments of fighting games, including EVO Championship Series, but also its own Mortal Kombat Cup for now two year. Almost a year after the release of the Vanilla version and just after the […]

Review: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

by Nazih Fareson January 31, 2016
Why choose between Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor or even Black Widow when you can embody all of Earth’s mightiest heroes in one game? Well, after a year long of DC Comics themed LEGO titles, it’s now time for Lego Marvel’s Avengers, a title that pays a tribute to the last 6 movies linked to […]

Review: LEGO Jurassic World

by Nazih Fareson January 26, 2016
After having released various licenses from movies version of LEGO such as LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO Star Wars III, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and LEGO Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Interactive launched this time a new co-promoted license of the moment of the Jurassic World movie launch with LEGO Jurassic World. What does it really bring compared to its predecessors? […]


Review: Mad Max

by Nazih Fareson September 7, 2015
In keeping with the visual continuity of Mad Max: Fury Road, the second game after the 1990 release on the NES finally landed on consoles and PC. A huge playing area, dusty and rough car chases, a rich customization level for vehicle and the promise of total immersion in a grim universe is what to […]

Review: Mortal Kombat X

by Nazih Fareson April 17, 2015
If I mention gruesome fighting, blood spill, spines torn and cracked, you will probably think Mortal Kombat, one of the most violent gaming licenses in the world. After almost four full years, NetherRealm is back to perfect its already successful recipe that was launched with the Mortal Kombat 2011 reboot, now dethroned by its youngest, […]

Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us

by Nazih Fareson April 13, 2013
Injustice: Gods Among Us… From the early days of the crossover fighting games such as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Super Smash Bros, or more recently PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, there’s always been a fear of killing one license identity for the others. Sadly, it has been proven over the years, especially with Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and fighting […]