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Review: Party Hard 2

by Mazen Abdallahon November 7, 2018
Often, the objective of a game is to have as much fun as possible. GTA, Skyrim, Fallout, these games are all about letting you do all manner of crazy sandbox stuff. However, Party Hard was a game that was about the total opposite, namely stopping someone’s fun. The premise was fairly simple: it’s 3 AM […]

Review: Mr. Shifty

by Mazen Abdallahon April 28, 2017
Okay so let’s get one thing out of the way. Mr. Shifty is similar to Hotline Miami. It’s not ‘Hotline Miami meets x’ or a new take on the formula, it’s a top-down action game that shares various similarities with everyone’s favorite neon-soaked murder-and-drugs simulator. However, Mr. Shifty very much does its own thing in […]

Review: Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

by Mazen Abdallahon October 14, 2016
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is a strange game. Even now I can’t quite work out what it is: a puzzle game, a narrative title, a visual novel, etc. It has elements of each one, but I would say it’s most of all a game about routine. You play as the eponymous Spaceport Janitor, and […]


Review: The Final Station

by Mazen Abdallahon September 8, 2016
There are enough games about the end of the world to paper a Victorian manor, so when I saw The Final Station I was initially skeptical. But, they introduced the concept of a train plowing through the post-apocalyptic world, and it reminded me of that awesome movie Snowpiercer. And it turns out that The Final […]

Review: Road to Ballhalla

by Mazen Abdallahon August 9, 2016
Indie games can be broadly divided into a handful of categories: Walking simulators, roguelikes, retro pixelated puzzle platformers (try saying that five times fast) and twitch-reflex games that are ridiculously difficult. The latter category is also known as ‘masocore’ and it’s a category I’m actually very fond of. Maybe it’s the challenge, or maybe it’s […]

Review: Party Hard

by Nazih Fareson April 27, 2016
Who hasn’t had the guilty crazy dream of killing his noisy neighbors? It might sound harsh, but I’ve been into that situation where after a rough day of work, a big house party prevented me from sleeping. So what’s the answer according to studio Pinokl Games? Well a bloody killing spree, with a hint of stealth and some 8-bit graphics. Party […]