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Review: Katamari Damacy REROLL

by Mazen Abdallahon December 13, 2018
Lots of games claim to have a cult following, but it doesn’t get more cult than Katamari Damacy. Initially released on the PS2, the colorful arcade title put players in control of a little green fellow who had to push a Katamari – a spherical object – around and roll all sorts of objects into […]

Review: Floor Kids

by Nazih Fareson December 30, 2017
Is the Switch the new platform of choice for rhythm game developers? It pretty seems like it, after the release of Voez, Just Dance, Superbeat Xonic Ex or the amazing Thumper, fans of the genre are spoiled this year. It must be said that the Nintendo console has everything to please: two joycons that allows […]

Review: Air Guitar Warrior: Gamepad Edition

by Nazih Fareson July 20, 2017
As a musician, there’s nothing more fun than pretending (or actually playing) a bunch of guitar riffs and crisp solos. A tribute to the “phenomenon” of pretending to be a guitar shredder, Air Guitar Warrior is one fun title, which was already available as a Kinect game to start, and now released again for those […]


Review: The Metronomicon

by Mazen Abdallahon October 14, 2016
As someone who loves games and loves music, I’m always happy to see rhythm games come along. They’re fun, they’re energetic, and they usually have some great tunes to rock out to. Of course, with all the rhythm games out there, every new one has to try and innovate on the classic formula. The Metronomicon […]