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Review: Grow Up

by Nazih Fareson August 24, 2016
With only ten days between its announcement and its release, Grow Home was clearly one of the surprises of 2015 from Ubisoft, which we review on PC. Created by a small group within Ubisoft Reflections studios, it almost became the perfect ambassador of a different approach to games from the giant publisher, adding charm and originality to the […]

Review: Grow Home

by Nazih Fareson February 8, 2015
Reflections Interactive is certainly one of the smallest studios in Ubisoft’s roster. Yet its repertoire has some prestigious licenses such as Destruction Derby, Driver or even Shadow of the Beast if we go back to the days of the Amiga. Lately, the English studio was used primarily as a co-developer of AAA titles including Far Cry 3, Watch […]