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Review: I fell from Grace

by Mazen Abdallahon February 11, 2018
Games still struggle for relevance in the global media market just like any other form of media, and while some developers choose to make their games bigger, badder, and louder, others go in a different direction and try to make something more artistic. This means that games will often target storylines that are heavier, bringing […]

Review: Let Them Come

by Luciano Rahalon October 3, 2017
If there was a title for awesome DUMB games, Let Them Come would be nominated for the grand award. This new 2D shooter is as simple as they come. It is you and a turret against a nonstop attack of alien monsters. In Let Them Come, you have it all, creepers, crawlers, flying monsters, alien […]

Review: Phantom Trigger

by Nazih Fareson August 23, 2017
After Mr. Shifty, a decent and dynamic game (sadly poorly optimized for the Nintendo Switch), tinyBuild are back with a new game for the Nintendo hybrid console (as well as on PC) developed by Russian based Bread Team: Phantom Trigger. A hardcore hack and slash game with RPG and roguelike elements for the small price […]