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Understanding Video Game DRM: Why we need it

by Mazen Abdallahon June 22, 2013
Couple of weeks ago, I discussed DRM and I tried to approach the reasoning behind it. I mentioned that I understood it existed for a good cause but that it wasn’t the right way of going about things. Now, I find myself challenging that point of view. Here’s the thing. Right now the industry is at […]

Xbox One pulls a 180: The Good and the Bad.

by Nazih Fareson June 20, 2013
Fans’ anger, and the heavy amount of criticism aimed at Microsoft for the past weeks, has officially cracked the giant, into reconsidering its policies and strategies of its upcoming flagship console: The Xbox One. Initially, as a short recap, the Redmond based group announced back at E3, that the market for used games would be […]

Understanding Video Game DRM

by Mazen Abdallahon June 12, 2013
Put down the pitchforks people, I don’t actually support DRM and I hate the restriction it creates. This piece is more about understanding this oft-maligned creature, sorta like Silence of the Lambs. I was watching bits and pieces of E3 footage with some friends and we got to the famous video where Jack Tretton kicked […]

E3 2013: The Gruesome Battle of Two Titans

by Nazih Fareson June 11, 2013
Last night was all about the big battle: Sony and Microsoft competed at E3 in Los Angeles. While presenting a new PlayStation, the other tried to defend the Xbox One. A decisive battle for the two giants. So who won the hearts of the gamers? For myself, the answer is very clear: there has been […]

E3 2013: What does it mean for the big three?

by Nazih Fareson June 10, 2013
Gamers are really demanding! This is not really something we just learned. But it’s getting worse with time, as gamers become more critical, more experienced, and harder to please. While it is difficult to imagine a more exciting renewal of the current generation, as we turn to E3 2013 for the moment, we all remain […]

Xbox One: Microsoft’s Next Frontier

by Nazih Fareson May 22, 2013
Gone is the Infinity, the Durango or the 720. The Microsoft new console will be simply the Xbox One, one box to rule them all: an Internet, social media, video, music and gaming device designed for you mass multimedia consumers, fitting all your eggs in one basket for a better multitasking feat without having to […]


Review: Bioshock Infinite

by Nazih Fareson March 26, 2013
What is left of the wet and depressing corridors of Rapture is nothing but a mere drowned utopia, a memory of a blighted universe that was the home of the two previous Bioshock episodes, created by the minds of Ken Levine and the Irrational Games team. This is hard for us gamers, to let go […]