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eSport for dummies

by Nazih Fareson June 28, 2014
This article is pretty much related to, though for those that do not know me, I moved around in the gaming industry from a mere journalist, to a PR for nine different publisher (you can read more about What it’s really like to be a Videogame PR). Earlier this year, I joined a new venture […]

Review: Sniper Elite III

by Nazih Fareson June 27, 2014
With the new generations of consoles, Rebellion is back, pursuing perfection in their hit series, known for intense infiltration and sniper skills: Sniper Elite III. The third installment (if you don’t count the offshoot Nazi Zombie whatever-it-was titles) comes out with rather interesting changes, including semi-open level designs, new mechanics and obviously, the return of the franchise […]

Review: Valiant Hearts: The Great War

by Nazih Fareson June 26, 2014
Valiant Hearts: The Great War is the second non-Rayman project to use Ubisoft quirky UbiArt Framework, after the beautiful but soporific Child of Light. A few weeks after the 70th anniversary of the D-Day (Normandy Landing), this Ubisoft Montpellier title is set back on a conflict that is rarely adapted in videogames nowadays: the First World War. The Great War as […]

Collector Editions: Are they worth it anymore?

by Nazih Fareson April 26, 2014
Collector Editions… They are desirable, huge boxes containing so many goodies that the discs themselves get lost in it. Collector editions are aimed for the wealthy players or fans that are willing to go to the point of selling a kidney to get them. In this 2014 ultra-competitive market for video games, collector editions have […]

The Big Debate: Violence and Videogames

by Nazih Fareson December 4, 2013
The majority of scientific studies reveal that video games increase the risk of violent behavior among its users. The progression of realism in the latest generation of games promotes mechanisms for identifying the character, and contrary to some theories, these games do not act as an tool for players , but would rather triggers aggression. […]

Review: The Last of Us

by Nazih Fareson June 14, 2013
After the creation of an iconic character for both the PlayStation One and PlayStation 2 eras – Crash Bandicoot – PlayStation 3’s Nathan Drake three adventures, you would think that Naughty Dog would take a breather and rest on its laurel. Even with the launch of the first Uncharted, Naughty Dog has become a reference […]

Indie Games: Retro Overkill

by Mazen Abdallahon May 16, 2013
Retro culture is a problem for a lot of reasons. On one level it’s a problem because of creative stagnation. Rather than trying to do your own thing, you simply ape an earlier creation and try to get by off that thing’s popularity. On another it feels like a cheap tactic. When you promote something […]

The Trouble with the Arab Gaming Community

by Sparkilepticon May 1, 2013
Yesterday I published a video that exposed two of the things that frustrated me most about the videogame industry in the Arab world: The need to compete, and the fact that you are not deemed an Arab if you do not speak in Arabic. The video is the first of a new feature that I […]

What it’s really like to be a Videogame PR

by Nazih Fareson February 24, 2013
The videogame industry is a strange career path. Through years, games became slowly from a simple hobby to a form of art with games such as Okami or Grim Fandango, bringing a new form of artistic expression or deep emotional stake with its story. So for someone who has been raised in the beginning of […]