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Review: Far Cry New Dawn

by Mazen Abdallahon March 3, 2019
The post-apocalyptic world is a pretty frequent destination for videogames, and it’s not hard to see why. Most games these days are shooters, and it’s a lot easier to have a shootout in the bombed out remains of a city than it is to have a shootout on a busy street. Moreover, the apocalypse is […]

Review: Fallout 76

by James Gournaliston November 26, 2018
At around the 40-hour mark during my time with Fallout 76, I was running around with two other people when all of a sudden someone dropped a nuke in a nearby area. What this does in the game is that it temporary irradiates the blast radius, populating it with higher-level enemies who yield better rewards […]

Review: Destiny 2: Forsaken

by Nazih Fareson September 19, 2018
If you’ve been following the site, you would’ve noticed that I have a certain affinity for Bungie’s titles. Call it fanboyism, fandom, or just sheer admiration of their work, I’ve definitely been admiring their games, and when Destiny came along I saw a franchise that appealed to me deeply. After more than 900 hours “wasted” […]


Review: Paranautical Activity

by Nazih Fareson July 6, 2018
Already available for now four years on Steam, then later on ported to console in 2015, the Rogue-like shooter Paranautical Activity is finally out on the newest kid on the block: the Nintendo Switch. While the port to other consoles in the past has helped support this transition, we should expect a decent game… Or […]

Review: Gray Dawn

by Mazen Abdallahon June 19, 2018
Priests have gotten a pretty bad rap for the past couple of decades, and it’s hard to remember that they’re men who have pledged their lives to serve God and protecting people. It’s so hard to remember that sometimes the priests themselves forget whether they’re the bad guys or the good guys. That’s the case […]

Review: Ion Maiden

by Mazen Abdallahon May 21, 2018
Gaming has evolved a lot over the past few decades, and in the process, a lot of genres have changed around, both because of player demand and new trends. The first person shooter has definitely experienced this, and we’ve seen it change around from a predominantly linear experience where multiplayer is a bonus to a […]


Review: Destiny 2: Warmind

by Nazih Fareson May 15, 2018
After a series of setbacks, Destiny 2 has just received its second additional paid content known as Destiny 2: Warmind. After spending a hefty ammount of the game, and as a diehard fan of the franchise, I can start by telling you that I’m extremely disappointed with this Expansion. You see, when the first Destiny […]

Review: Far Cry 5

by Nazih Fareson March 26, 2018
Since the original in 2004, the Far Cry franchise has changed. If the original two were developed with the help of Crytek and established the root of the gameplay, it’s truly Far Cry 3 that revolutionized things thanks to the Dunia Engine and of course the iconic antagonist Vaas. Now into 2018, Ubisoft wants to […]

Review: Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris

by Nazih Fareson December 18, 2017
Three months after its release, Destiny 2 finally launches its first expansion: Curse of Osiris. Suffice to say that Bungie had no interest in skipping on expansions with this sequel, especially since hardcore fans of the series were already feeling a lack of challenge for veterans, and Curse of Osiris was the optimal thing to […]


Review: DOOM

by Mazen Abdallahon November 10, 2017
Editor’s Note: More than a year after the game’s original release on Xbox One (and other platforms), this review has been updated by Nazih Fares following the release of the game on the Nintendo Switch as well as the updates to all customers which reflects on the overall score, and final verdict. Released in 2016 on PlayStation […]