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Review: Wartile

by Mazen Abdallahon January 4, 2018
I’m not usually one for tactics games because I consider myself a simple (read: dense) man, and so the term ‘tactical’ doesn’t really pique my interest that often. But Wartile also has the word ‘war’ in the title’, so I guess I had to check it out. For the record, Wartile bills itself is a […]

Review: Brawlout

by Nazih Fareson December 21, 2017
As you will soon realize throughout this review, it is almost impossible to talk about Brawlout without talking about Super Smash Bros. Both visually and gameplay mechanics similar, Angry Mob Game’s title is almost identical to the Nintendo franchise – but with a few nice personal ideas, and a lot of grinding to enjoy it […]

Review: Fortnite

by Nazih Fareson August 7, 2017
Announced back late 2011, it took Epic Games and the People Can Fly team over five years to finally release Fortnite, which is probably their most ambitious project to date. Yet, before we start this review, you should all note that although the game is out now on most platforms, it is technically a paid […]

Preview: Endless Space 2

by Nazih Fareson October 17, 2016
French based studio Amplitude might be a small company, but over the course of the years, they managed to build a strong reputation among strategy game players, by building a common universe split into three different games: Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless and of course Endless Space. I had the chance to get my hands […]

Review: Copy Kitty

by Febronia Armiaon September 19, 2016
Copy Kitty is a platforming action mess of an indie game. I mean that in the best way. Copy Kitty looks like the kind of game you approach because you have few dollars left in your wallet only to be surprised by the degree of depth it has to offer. A child-appropriate exterior covers for […]

Review: Monsters & Monocles

by Mazen Abdallahon August 24, 2016
I’m a simple man with simple tastes, and as such I enjoy top-down shooters quite a bit. While the format is pretty basic (you move around and take down waves of enemies before they can get to you), clever game designers manage to ramp up the challenge and mix things up in a way that […]

Preview: The Great Whale Road

by Nazih Fareson August 6, 2016
The Great Whale Road is a tactical-RPG with a simulation-management side to it. Players will be controlling the master of a ship with its crew and sail up along the coasts of the Nordic countries, to gather enough materials, ressources and produce to help his village to survive the harsh winter. Yes, Winter is coming and like all […]

Review: Poly Bridge

by Nazih Fareson August 3, 2016
Simulator games have almost done every single theme you could imagine of. City management with Sim City, Life management with The Sims, even goats (Goat Simulator) and all sorts of everyday jobs like Trucking and even Farming (Focus Entertainment known series that already released 15 sequels). Now comes the new kind of simulator, one that will manage […]

Review: Tastee: Lethal Tactics

by Luciano Rahalon May 26, 2016
Before getting into the game, I read an article describing Lethal Tactics as a game with a goofy title but a serious punch. I believe that sums it up. This is firstly a curious turn based strategy game in which both teams act at once, forcing you to predict the movements of your enemy. Strategy […]

Preview: The Kindred

by Febronia Armiaon May 1, 2016
It’s really no secret that colony management or base survival games are a ton of fun and they’re very clearly becoming more and more popular. I would say that is pretty evident in the fact that RPGs are even starting to include that aspect as part of the bigger game (See Fallout 4 and the […]