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Review: Anthem

by Mazen Abdallahon March 7, 2019
Anthem, Anthem, Anthem… Where do we begin? Alright, let’s break it down. Anthem has been getting some decent buzz for a while now, and it’s finally out. Problem is, a lot of people are wondering if Anthem can actually bring anything new to the table. A lot of people have compared it to loot shooters […]

Review: Battlefield V

by Mazen Abdallahon November 29, 2018
The Battlefield series is by far one my favourite game series ever. That’s because it manages to really deliver on its name. The game tosses you into probably the closest you’ll ever get to an actual battlefield without enlisting. Its massive 64-player skirmishes are chaotic and messy, and its class system allows you to contribute […]

Review: Need for Speed Payback

by Nazih Fareson November 19, 2017
Back in 2015, the Need for Speed reboot ​​didn’t really convince racing game or even franchise fans. Everyone had their own issue with the game, whether it was an open world that may be too limited, a weird driving engine, or maybe its unbearable script and actors. The game though was based on good ideas, […]


Review: Mass Effect Andromeda

by Nazih Fareson March 26, 2017
Five years after the final controversial Mass Effect 3 episode, Bioware’s Sci-Fi RPG is aiming for a comeback and its first launch on the latest console generation. A brand new galaxy to visit, with revamped mechanics and new narrative system, the franchise gets a new look with Mass Effect Andromeda and tries to do what most “reboots” do […]

Review: Battlefield 1

by Mazen Abdallahon November 2, 2016
Battlefield 1 was revealed this year to much fanfare, and it’s been building hype for a while. Rather than go with the WW2 shooter many people were expecting, DICE and EA controversially decided to go for WW1, a conflict that has almost never appeared in videogames (at least nowhere near as often as its more […]

Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

by Mazen Abdallahon June 13, 2016
Before we get started, I should mention that I haven’t played Mirror’s Edge 1. It’s one of those games that I’ve always wanted to play, but never got a chance to. On some level that’s a good thing, as I can approach Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst with a fresh set of eyes. Or maybe I’m just […]


Review: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

by Nazih Fareson March 5, 2016
It been now two years since the release of Plant vs. Zombies Garden Warfare first episode, and PopCap once again dons its gardening gloves with a brand new sequel. If Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is largely based on the same mechanics of its predecessor, the developers intended to correct the main issues, namely its severe lack of content. […]

Review: Unravel

by Nazih Fareson February 11, 2016
In the shades of the Electronic Arts’ AAA releases, Swedish-based Coldwood Studios had a smaller project, which was unveiled with great amaze at E3 2015. Unravel is the name of the game, letting you play as a small creature of wool, lost in the middle of our universe, which seems immense in his eyes. Between platforming and reflex, […]

Review: Battlefield: Hardline

by Nazih Fareson March 23, 2015
Battlefield: Hardline is finally here, and it’s time to move on to test this particular spin-off that leaves the military setting of the Battlefield universe and offer players a focused adventure on the clashes between police and gangsters by introducing a single player campaign that is a robust change from the days of Battlefield 3. […]