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Review: Styx: Shards of Darkness

by Muhammed Al Bukharyon March 20, 2017
Donning the identity of a mischievous, dry joke cracking and cringe-y one-liner uttering Goblin thief never felt as hilarious as this. Styx emerged out of nowhere in 2014 exhibiting surprisingly addictive and fun stealth mechanics and introduced us to our loudmouth anti-hero green Goblin: Styx. The fact that he is brimming with unique personality has […]

Review: Blood Bowl II

by Nazih Fareson February 1, 2016
Six long years have passed since the original Blood Bowl, the adaptation of the board game created by Games Workshop in the 1980s. From its link of the cutthroat world of American football and the bloody Warhammer was born a perfect archetypal niche game: faithful to the original material, roughly solid, but heavy with a dose of incorrigible […]