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Review: Sine Mora EX

by Nazih Fareson September 30, 2017
Back 2012, Grasshopper Manufacture – Suda 51’s studio – released a Shoot’em up (or even Bullet Hell) named Sine Mora, a timed exclusive Xbox 360 game that was well received by critics. Today, the game returns as a collaboration between Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality studios for a remastered version on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, […]

Review: The Bug Butcher

by Luciano Rahalon February 7, 2016
When I first heard of The Bug Butcher, I quickly jumped to an “Oh not another space invader”. I have a long history with playing early access games, and very few of them kept me hooked. Less and less when it came to arcade games. Losing interest was something that was common across many forgettable […]