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Thinking Big On Customer Obsession: The Business Case for an Amazon ISP

by John E. Williamsonon December 24, 2014
The current ISP market in the US is hindering consumption of digital media. The time is ripe for Amazon to launch its own ISP. Such a service, while not as PR friendly as Drones, should be higher priority than Drones as it has greater capacity to change the landscape and improve costumer experience. The Problem: […]

How to Survive The Impending App-ocalypse

by John E. Williamsonon December 24, 2014
Today is a great time to run an App Store. There has never been such a constant flow of high quality content at such consumer friendly prices. This flood of content has been made possibly by a perfect storm of events that have removed most of the previous Barriers to Entry that some would argue […]

Videogame Development: Creation, Not Consumption – Part 2

by John E. Williamsonon September 1, 2013
Welcome back to Part 2 of our written version of our PAX Talk where we will cover a similar progression of game making tools available on the Web and PC/MAC.  Once again, we present these tools in a logical progression to keep your children or novice programers engaged and not overwhelmed.  There is no shortage […]

Videogame Development: Creation, Not Consumption – Part 1

by John E. Williamsonon August 28, 2013
As a veteran game designer/producer with over two dozen shipped titles and two decades of experience, I am often asked how does one make games? I decided to answer that question at PAX Prime in Seattle this year. My daughter and I gave a talk entitled “Family Game Night With A Twist: Make your Own […]

The Russian Game Market: Glory to the Motherland

by John E. Williamsonon August 20, 2013
In this latest international installment we’ll take a stroll down memory lane on a visit I took to Russia 10 years ago to collect texture references and level design ideas for the game Shadow Ops: Red Mercury. I don’t have any insight in the current state of the Russian game market.  Save, that I love […]

The Mexican Game Market: An Overlooked Industry

by John E. Williamsonon June 21, 2013
In my last article, we proved Spock wrong, as in fact Nixon was not the only person who could go to China.  Today, we will look at gaming in a different part of the world: South of the Border (South of the US anyway). I was in Mexico this Spring giving a series of lectures […]

The Chinese Game Market: A Contrarian View

by John E. Williamsonon May 20, 2013
I spent nearly two weeks in China at the start of 2013. I had the experience of being in Beijing during the worst pollution ever recorded. Made worse by the fact that everyone in China smokes, as there is no belief that smoking is hazardous. The lack of public health awareness on the hazards of […]