A Farewell Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

by onNovember 27, 2018

Blogging is an infinitely rich and complex adventure. Sometimes, this past-time allows you to learn, to progress, to acquire skills that you did not suspect, and this is what happened when I founded VGProfessional more than five years ago.

But it can also be a source of frustration because this complexity is not what I personally expected: writing regularly, have fresh ideas while juggling with personal life and time itself. The latter is now becoming my most precious currency, and with an important full-time job and new career beginning, I’m running really short on time.

While many bloggers started at a time when they had plenty of free time on their hands, such as during a maternity leave, on holidays, or even in the worst cases during a period of unemployment, my decision of creating VGProfessional was not because of that. The reason was simple: I wanted to build something that is mine only, that I could be associated with on a personal branding point of view, as well as offering it as a platform for others like me in the business. VGProfessional was supposed to be a safe space for gaming industry colleagues and friends to speak freely about their views on the market, do “exposés”, and bring a fresh perspective without being associated with our employers.

But then, life goes on its course and sometimes, time is simply missing, and for some, that’s because of a new job, the birth of a child or, even the beginning of a brand-new relationship. So many things that sometimes make you want to refocus on another side of your life and abandon this virtual space that you’ve created.

I’ve also fell in the trap of losing direction, and VGProfessional became just another game review site, and while we dabbled with podcasting, and couple of features here and there, that’s not enough. Nowadays, there’s so much content on the internet that we’re seeing a decline in views and engagement without the use of advertising our site in Google Search, Adwords, Facebook and other social media platforms. This sadly is a cost I’ve taken upon myself personally and refused to rely on ad placement on the site and other places to cover those same bills. I always wanted VGProfessional to be a non-profit, and selfishly prefer we stop before we get to that option to sustain ourselves. I’m just too proud of a traditional journalist to accept otherwise.

This is why I’ve decided to pass on the VGProfessional batton to Mazen Abdallah, the oldest and most faithful writer on the site effectively by the 31st of December. This is quite an emotional thing for me to do, and I would like to thank everyone else that wrote here including Luciano Rahal, the “mysterious” James Gournalist, Sara Basma, Febronia Arma, Hussein Ibrahim, Muhammad Al Bukhary, Ahmad “Sparkileptic” Makki, Aidan Minter, John Williamson, Samuel Dassler, and finally Sara Basma for the time they gave me. I hope that VGProfessional will continue to share a different view on the gaming industry with Mazen leading it, and of course will forever thank you, faithful readers, for your time on the site.

Once again, thank you everyone, and feel free to follow me on all sorts of social media channels such as Twitter via @NazihFares

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