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Review: The Mooseman

by Nazih Fareson July 20, 2018
Sometimes You is a publisher I’m quite fond of since I was introduced to it back in 2017, as their vision for what a game relies more on the experience than the gameplay per say. The Mooseman is their latest published game for consoles (after a previous indie release on mobile devices and PC), a […]

Sonic Mania Plus Sweepstakes

by Nazih Fareson July 19, 2018
We’re glad to be hosting another fun sweepstakes giveaway to support Sega’s launch of Sonic Mania Plus. Developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games in collaboration with SEGA of America, Sonic Mania Plus is out now on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch. The sweepstake will grant 3 winners a brand new copy of Sonic […]

Review: Mugsters

by Nazih Fareson July 18, 2018
When I mention Team 17, you probably would think of games like The Escapists or the Worms franchise, but this British based developer has become quite a big studio and publishing house nowadays. After a series of games from their own studio, the amazing Yoku’s Island Express (which we reviewed a while ago) as well as […]


Review: LEGO The Incredibles

by Nazih Fareson July 16, 2018
Over the past 2 decades of its foundation, Traveler’s Tales has been known to bring popular culture franchise into games, ever since their start with Pixar games, and eventually the LEGO game series. After countless versions of LEGO video games based on the Avengers, DC Comics and more, it’s now time for them to go […]

Review: Awkward

by Nazih Fareson July 13, 2018
In the world, there are two categories of people. Those that are supposedly normal, even if that’s a very subjective thing to say, or they are seen as weird and awkward. If you were asked the question of which you were, and happen to hesitate then this party game known as Awkward is definitely your […]

Review: Squids Odyssey

by Nazih Fareson July 13, 2018
For those of you that play mobile games – not judging you in any way – then chances are that you’ve heard of a tiny game in 2011 called Squids. Mixing reflex, adventure and a hint of RPG, the game eventually made its way onto PC and Android, followed by a sequel known as Squids […]


Review: Pode

by Mazen Abdallahon July 12, 2018
Often, simplicity attracts me to videogames. In the case of Pode, the game’s simplicity comes from its central theme. This theme, which motivates the characters and leads them to simply move forward, enjoying each moment, is friendship. And that’s kind of how it happens in real life. The game wants to be an experience based […]

Review: The Crew 2

by Nazih Fareson July 11, 2018
Back in 2014, a studio owned by Ubisoft was known as Ivory Tower launched quite an interesting take on driving games. An open-world racing game set in the United States, The Crew had innovative mechanics merged with MMO elements that worked over the years (you can click here to read my review of the original The […]

Review: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

by Nazih Fareson July 8, 2018
Editor’s Note: After the game’s original release, this review has been updated following the release of the major Donkey Kong Adventure expansion pack as well as numerous free updates to all customers which reflects on the overall score, and final verdict. While Mario and the gang managed to save the day in the original game against the SupaMerge wielding […]


Review: Paranautical Activity

by Nazih Fareson July 6, 2018
Already available for now four years on Steam, then later on ported to console in 2015, the Rogue-like shooter Paranautical Activity is finally out on the newest kid on the block: the Nintendo Switch. While the port to other consoles in the past has helped support this transition, we should expect a decent game… Or […]
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