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Review: Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

by Mazen Abdallahon October 14, 2016
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is a strange game. Even now I can’t quite work out what it is: a puzzle game, a narrative title, a visual novel, etc. It has elements of each one, but I would say it’s most of all a game about routine. You play as the eponymous Spaceport Janitor, and […]

Review: Pac-Man Championship Edition 2

by Nazih Fareson September 21, 2016
Pac-Man is one of those iconic games that seem to exist outside the normal flow of time. An icon of the original gaming arcade generation, the title may have aged, but as Pong before him, this 1980s classic remains ever-present and its gameplay flawless thirty years after its release. Even in that context, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 […]

Review: Inversus

by Febronia Armiaon September 3, 2016
If you’re looking for an action strategy type arcade shooter in the vein of geometry wars minus the colors, Inversus is your one stop shop for that. The highly addictive, controller compatible, indie game hasn’t been released for too long and already has an active community dominating leaderboards. With what seems to be a dedicated […]


Review: Zombie Night Terror

by Luciano Rahalon August 29, 2016
We have all been on the Zombie train revolution but is this fad over? Have we had enough of brain and flesh-eating monsters? It appears No Clip still has somethings in store for us with Zombie Night Terror. This new and very small developer based out of France has partnered with Gambitious Inc to create Zombie […]

Review: N++

by Mazen Abdallahon August 28, 2016
When I was still in college, I didn’t have my trusty gaming PC, and I lived in a cramped dorm room with no TV, so I couldn’t bring my PS2 along. Most of my gaming was done on my roommate’s trusty white PSP slim. It was then that I discovered the magical world of N+. […]

Review: Kingdom: New Lands

by Nazih Fareson August 15, 2016
My oh my! Raw Fury Games’s Kingdom really came a long way, doesn’t it? Started as a simple project by Thomas van den Berg and Marco Bancale, Kingdom was recently nominated for the Excellence in Design award during the 2016 Independent Games Festival, and after a successful launch on PC, the developers announced that an Xbox One version was in the […]

Preview: Beat Cop

by Luciano Rahalon August 5, 2016
Beat Cop takes you back to the 80’s and injects you directly into the life of police drama. Ever felt like being that cop in your favorite retro police show? Well now you can. Set in New York city, you are a beat cop patrolling the streets putting a stop to all crimes while potentially […]

Review: Tick’s Takes: Up All Knight

by Febronia Armiaon June 27, 2016
Point and click games are very generally a hit or miss. There are good games that entirely miss their mark because the right audience wasn’t playing them and then there are games that are pretty sub par that end up garnering some decent reviews because the stars aligned, allowing some nonsense element of the game […]

Pokemon: Fifty Shades of Red And Blue

by Samuel Dassleron August 24, 2013
Pokemon arrived on North American shores in 1998 and became an overnight sensation. The seminal games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue were instant critical and commercial successes that spawned a multimedia, and multi-billion dollar, empire. After the initial buzz and controversies died down Pokemon was written off as a fad. I remember this all because I was […]

Indie Games: Retro Overkill

by Mazen Abdallahon May 16, 2013
Retro culture is a problem for a lot of reasons. On one level it’s a problem because of creative stagnation. Rather than trying to do your own thing, you simply ape an earlier creation and try to get by off that thing’s popularity. On another it feels like a cheap tactic. When you promote something […]