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Review: The Sexy Brutale Full House Edition

by Nazih Fareson May 4, 2017
When I heard about The Sexy Brutale (and recently The Sexy Brutale Full House Edition), I automatically though about a long list of games that have nothing to do with their names. Yet, The Sexy Brutale is one hell of a fun game, as if Tim Burton decided to create his own version of Cluedo. […]

Review: INSIDE

by Nazih Fareson July 5, 2016
Presented at E3 2016, INSIDE is Playdead’s latest, the Danish development studio that released the impressive Limbo back on the Xbox 360, and wishes to reiterate the same great content with this new adventure on Xbox One and PC. INSIDE narrates the adventures of a boy escaping a group of men armed to the teeth. The player will need to show […]

Review: The Magic Circle: Gold Edition

by Nazih Fareson June 30, 2016
When you think about Independent games, you think about little original titles full of imagination, and we are sometimes are left with gems of creativity, or extraterrestrial mutants that nobody understands where they came from (like Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf). The Magic Circle bet on the same concept of originality, but is it good, or just plain […]


Review: Party Hard

by Nazih Fareson April 27, 2016
Who hasn’t had the guilty crazy dream of killing his noisy neighbors? It might sound harsh, but I’ve been into that situation where after a rough day of work, a big house party prevented me from sleeping. So what’s the answer according to studio Pinokl Games? Well a bloody killing spree, with a hint of stealth and some 8-bit graphics. Party […]

Review: Samorost 3

by Mazen Abdallahon April 25, 2016
If you don’t know Amanita Software, you don’t know indie games that well. They’re one of the hardest-working studios in indie games. And they’ve made some remarkable point-and-click adventure games. Their trademark is adorable, hand-crafted worlds with plucky protagonists and no dialogue whatsoever. The thing about Amanita’s games is, despite being really cutesy and placid, […]

Review: Blood Alloy Reborn

by Febronia Armiaon March 16, 2016
Firstly, let me start by saying this: you tell me there’s a game with a female protagonist that involves you hacking and slashing through various robots in a cyberpunk-esque inspired environment, you’re basically singing my song so obviously it’s needless to say after a glance at what Blood Alloy: Reborn has to offer on their […]


Review: Super Galaxy Squadron EX

by Luciano Rahalon March 7, 2016
If you are part of a Triple A program, this game is not for you. For everyone else, it is safe to proceed. Where to begin? I am exhausted just thinking about this game. Nonstop, fast paced, insanely insane game. The developers were clearly on speed when designing Super Galaxy Squadron EX. Let’s rewind a little […]

Review: Overfall

by Luciano Rahalon February 29, 2016
Since the Potato Salad shenanigans, I became a big fan of Kickstarter. Literally anybody and everybody with any idea big or small, will always end up getting funded. They might not reach their goal, but it will still grab the attention of your average Joe. This was the first time I heard of Overfall. With […]

Do Game Developers Have an Ethical Responsibility to Players?

by Mazen Abdallahon February 17, 2014
Most people on social media have heard about the rage-inducing mobile game Flappy Birds and the developer’s surprising decision to take it down. For those of you that don’t know, Flappy Birds was a ridiculously simple phone game where you had to guide a little bird through openings in the Super Mario Bros pipes. And […]

How Much Gaming Can You Do With Your Steam Machine?

by Mazen Abdallahon January 14, 2014
The Steam Machines have been announced! Rejoice! Gabe Newel came down from the mountain with his tablets announcing a wide range of hardware running SteamOS. For a few hundred dollars (or 6000, depending on your needs), you can enjoy PC gaming in your living room! Except of course, you can’t play that many games. As […]