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Review: Rain World

by Mazen Abdallahon March 27, 2017
As far as settings go, the post-apocalyptic world is a really popular one for games. Besides the aesthetic of decay and the chance to avoid having to use so many colors in their design, I imagine game developers like post-apocalyptic settings because they give them a chance to pit the player against a cruel, dangerous […]

Review: LEGO Worlds

by Nazih Fareson March 21, 2017
In the world of construction games, the LEGO brand is probably the most iconic one of them all. Over the years, it has steadily established its dominance by linking its brand with strong licenses capable of reaching all generations, from Star Wars to The Simpsons and even their own creation. Ever since the Minecraft phenomenon developed, […]

Review: Styx: Shards of Darkness

by Muhammed Al Bukharyon March 20, 2017
Donning the identity of a mischievous, dry joke cracking and cringe-y one-liner uttering Goblin thief never felt as hilarious as this. Styx emerged out of nowhere in 2014 exhibiting surprisingly addictive and fun stealth mechanics and introduced us to our loudmouth anti-hero green Goblin: Styx. The fact that he is brimming with unique personality has […]


Review: 2Dark

by Nazih Fareson March 17, 2017
Survival and horror are two terms associated to Frédérick Raynal back in his days at Infogrames, for a game known for its major influence of the video game genre: Alone in the Dark. Returning to business on his own with a small team and studio call Gloomywood, they give us an independent survival-horror game called 2Dark, which […]

Review: Beholder

by Mazen Abdallahon February 12, 2017
Beholder is, at its core, a game about spying. However, unlike most spy games, you don’t play a rugged special ops agent who must infiltrate an evil cabal of terrorists. You play a portly government landlord in a fictional totalitarian (fairly obviously Communist) state. The people you spy on are your tenants. As the game’s […]

Review: Tales of Berseria

by Nazih Fareson February 5, 2017
While everyone was looking forward to the latest episode of the Final Fantasy series (which we reviewed two month ago), many seem to have forgotten another classic of JRPGs whose sixteenth episode was first released in the land of the Rising Sun in August 2016, and finally reached the west in January 2017. Tales of […]


Review: Rise & Shine

by Nazih Fareson January 21, 2017
In my long career as a gaming journalist, is never very pleasant to take time to write about how bad a game is, especially when developers worked hard on it. Take Rise & Shine for example: its interactive cartoon looks inspired, as well as its puzzles based on remote guided projectiles, its phases of sustained action […]

Review: Small Radios Big Televisions

by Nazih Fareson November 21, 2016
If you like puzzles games that call upon your intuition, Small Radios Big Televisions is for you. Developed by Fire Face, Small Radios Big Televisions is a blend of exploration and puzzle, filled with simple riddles and asking you to find your own way without any sort of tips. Everything begins in a factory that called “Square”, […]

Review: Ginger: Beyond the Crystal

by Muhammed Al Bukharyon November 17, 2016
Let’s admit it, as avid gamers we have all spent considerable amount of time working on imaginary settings, realms, characters and stories in our minds, we all dreamed to leave our marks in a world we lived and breathed in for two decades long, sadly the vast majority of us came short or even have […]


Review: Dishonored 2

by Nazih Fareson November 16, 2016
Released around October 2012, Dishonored clearly marked the heart of many players around the world, including mine (but I’m a bit biased as I worked as the game regional Middle East PR). If you didn’t read my original review of the game, you would know that thanks to its unique universe and amazing gameplay, Dishonored had managed to […]