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Review: Dead by Daylight

by Luciano Rahalon July 4, 2017
Being born in the 80’s, I witnessed the horror genre explode with the creation of many iconic characters like Jason, Freddy Krueger and many more, who’s performances in their movies ended up laying down a groundwork that is still being used in Hollywood in most films of this genre. Nowadays, video games are really tapping […]

Review: Turtle Beach Elite Pro Complete

by Luciano Rahalon March 15, 2017
With eSports industry on the rise, it is only normal to see more and more manufacturers turn their focus onto the tournament ready headsets. Turtle Beach is just another one of those manufacturers. With their new Turtle Beach Elite Pro, they are hoping to establish dominance. We have reviewed these headphones and here is our […]

Review: Horizon Zero Dawn

by Luciano Rahalon March 8, 2017
After several years of dwelling on the Killzone series, Dutch developers Guerrilla Games have dared to start over with a clean sheet. 5 years in the making and we finally have the beautiful universe of Horizon Zero Dawn. A completely new start that only highlights the ambition and courage that these developers where able to […]


Review: Gunjack

by Luciano Rahalon February 20, 2017
When they first announced PlayStation VR many publishers started talking about the possibilities of expanding some of their existing titles into this new territory but very few knew what they were doing. Now that VR has been around for couple of months, we can already see that it is possible to turn certain experiences into […]

Review: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

by Luciano Rahalon February 6, 2017
The long-awaited HD conclusion of the Kingdom Heart Saga was finally dropped and it did not disappoint. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue has a Ludacris name but somehow the developers make it happen. The Final Chapter Prologue is a compilation of 3 magical Kingdom Hearts experiences. With its original release in 2012, Kingdom […]

Review: Zombie Night Terror

by Luciano Rahalon August 29, 2016
We have all been on the Zombie train revolution but is this fad over? Have we had enough of brain and flesh-eating monsters? It appears No Clip still has somethings in store for us with Zombie Night Terror. This new and very small developer based out of France has partnered with Gambitious Inc to create Zombie […]

Preview: Beat Cop

by Luciano Rahalon August 5, 2016
Beat Cop takes you back to the 80’s and injects you directly into the life of police drama. Ever felt like being that cop in your favorite retro police show? Well now you can. Set in New York city, you are a beat cop patrolling the streets putting a stop to all crimes while potentially […]

Review: Crimson Room Decade

by Luciano Rahalon June 28, 2016
“My memories came back. I’ve been here before…” Jean-Jacques Gordot, French inspector all the way from Paris is on a quest to solve the 10-year-old mystery of the infamous Red Room. A decade after the release of the original Crimson Room Flash game, we find ourselves in this beautiful sequel delivered to us by Dream […]

Review: Overwatch

by Luciano Rahalon June 5, 2016
It was a nice breezy morning in spring. Retired from on ground action and set back to desk strategic duties I was planning my next move when it happened! It has been years, impatiently waiting for the call. I have had the taste of blood and revenge haunting me ever since. This sitting in the […]


Review: Tastee: Lethal Tactics

by Luciano Rahalon May 26, 2016
Before getting into the game, I read an article describing Lethal Tactics as a game with a goofy title but a serious punch. I believe that sums it up. This is firstly a curious turn based strategy game in which both teams act at once, forcing you to predict the movements of your enemy. Strategy […]